Rwanda Southern Province FUGI - ESPRESSO - Roast Date 23 January 2023

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  • Well balanced cup
  • Notes of lemon grass and vanilla
  • Honey and nougat sweetness

Region: Kiyonza Hills

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1750 masl

Variety: Red Bourbon

Exporter: Baho Coffee

Importer: Sucafina Specialty

Rob says: Happy to have Rwanda coffee back on the agenda after a long draught.

In 2019, due to a difficult marriage with many of our purchased coffees from Rwanda and Burundi, we decided to stop buying these origins. Meanwhile we were of course hoping they would be able to do something about their potato defect problem. Three years later we give it a new try, having a good feeling on this lot. The Fugi washing station and local responsible Emmanuel Rusatira have a great reputation and our thorough testing on the incoming samples didn’t show any defects so far.