Pesado High Extraction Basket 58.5 - 18 grams

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This high extraction coffee basket has been specially designed to give you the most out of your espresso. With its unique design, it extracts significantly more dissolved materials from your beans, resulting in a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee.

Precision Build

These coffee machine baskets are developed in 1.1mm stainless steel, CNC finished to be perfectly cylindrical and with laser cut holes at the bottom that expands in circles all the way to the outer edge of the bottom surface.

High Extraction

The added thickness improves the rigidity of the puck during extraction by not allowing the bottom face to bow outwards and the laser-cut holes are extremely accurate and allow for a higher open surface area that offers less resistance to the water flow during the extraction.

Material: 1.1mm Stainless Steel


M - depth 23.5mm

L - depth 25.5mm