Mr LGB Coffee City Series-SYDNEY - Roast Date 16 April 2024

Mr LGB Coffee City Series-SYDNEY - Roast Date 16 April 2024

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Step into a world of flavor with our Coffee City Series, starting the journey in the vibrant coffee haven of SYDNEY Australia. The blend offers a unique combination of two distinct coffees:

Peru Cajamarca RUTAS DEL INCA & Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ADADO.

The RUTAS DEL INCA, sourced from high-altitude farms around 2100 meters above sea level in Cajamarca, is a blend of cherries delivered by producers Salvador Cristobal Mesones Guzman, Jose Melaneo Lopez Mego, Eliseo Rufasto Perez, and Clarisa Coronel Olivera. The fact that all these coffees are classified as grade 1 and cupping at 86+ adds to the quality and richness of the blend. The sourcing by Jean Heylen (Top of the Crop) reflects a commitment to excellence.

On the other hand, the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ADADO, being our biggest lot of (late) 2023, promises a bright and clean flavor profile, making it an excellent choice to bring out the best in your espresso.

The suggestion to grind the Sydney Blend a bit coarser for filter coffee adds versatility to the blend, allowing consumers to enjoy it in various ways.