NEW* Mr LGB Coffee City Series-PARIS OLYMPICS - Roast Date 22 July

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In our Mister LGB City Series we highlight coffee cities. Everybody knows PARIS is a great coffee city and at the same time the decorum for worlds’ biggest game, the OLYMPICS.

For this occasion we blend two nice washed coffees with the main goal of supporting milk or plant based alternatives. The green bagged LGB is our ‘milk drink’ blend since the day we started roasting in 2010 and is 14 years later more popular than ever.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GEDEB


Guatemala Huehuetenango PEDRO RIGOBERTO LOPEZ

The 2024 crop Ethiopia starts off with a bang. One of our most popular coffees of last year, the Yirgacheffe GEDEB is back. This coffee is almost too good to blend and mainly known for its rich floral and tea-like character.

Guatemala shows a lot of potential this year and one of the first Guatemalan coffees on the calendar is from PEDRO RIGOBERTO LOPEZ. We bought all bags from his Red Pache variety lot, which tastes sweet and has spectacular notes of popped chataigne, cumin and ginger.

So imagine all these cupping notes blended together and pulled into a small espresso shot, combined with milk or oat drink….. Let’s get the Paris Olympic Games started.