Mister LGB SUNNY DAYS - Roast Date - Weekly fresh

Mister LGB SUNNY DAYS - Roast Date - Weekly fresh

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½  Peru Cajamarca CEDROS

½  Ethiopia West Arsi RIRIPA

Rob says: Again a Peruvian coffee in our ‘coffee milk blend’, and with a good reason!

This CEDROS lot, out of Cajamarca, is tasting on espresso like liquid dark chocolate, and therefore probably the best coffee in our milky way (galaxy) to blend into the Mister LGB. 

The new crop Ethiopia is not only early this year, but also rocking hard! For this summer blend we thought the RIRIPA from West Arsi would be spot on. This coffee was originally selected for our Single Origin program and almost too good to be blended, but why not go the extra mile for once? Expect lots of fruity and tea-like flavors and a small lemon injection from this African pearl. 

Price wise we like to be fully transparent about our coffees. Average FOB prices, this is Free On Board or the price paid at the exit of the country, for these two coffees are $6,57/Kg. On top of that comes transportation, insurance, climate controlled storage costs, handling and excise duties before hitting our own Caffenation pakt warehouse. 

Oh yes, both coffees in this blend are organic certified.

Enjoy the Sunny Days folks.