Mister LGB SUMMER DRIVE - Weekly fresh roast

Mister LGB SUMMER DRIVE - Weekly fresh roast

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After the success of our Spring blend we decided to do it one more time; mixing an easy and smooth coffee with some punchy African notes. Both coffees combined guarantees a well balanced cup. 


Over the last few years we have, for our Guatemalan coffees, a good collaboration with Primavera Coffee Importers. Nadine and her team are the most specialized coffee in and export company in this area and deliver multiple nice lots each year.

For this project they grouped 10 small producers in our favourite area Huehuetenango and give it the name ‘THE PRIMAVERA FAMILY’. This way they are giving the farmers the opportunity to use the extra income they receive from selling at a higher price to reinvest in their farm and wet mills.The lot is cupping around 85 points, which makes it not a championship winner, but a truly nice cup.

The Kenyan part will two small lots of PEABERRY coffees we bought recently at origin. These were a nice catch, but a little bit small to bring out as Kenya Ken, so we thought it was better to toss them into the Summer LGB. The coffees are similar and should provide the ‘sharp kick’ we need to cut through the sweetness of the full fat milk. 


The main goal of this Mister L.G.B. blend is to provide a stable base for all your milk drinks like cappuccino, flat white or latte. But how does this blend of beans and its medium roast sounds for filter brewing? Or can it serve as an ideal coffee for a fruity and clean espresso?