Mister LGB CRYSTAL - Roast of 18 January 2022

Mister LGB CRYSTAL - Roast of 18 January 2022

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2/3  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe CHELBESSA Danche #4 ORGANIC GRADE 1

1/3 Colombia Cauca CAFE DEL MICAY

Is transparency the shortest way to a more honest world? At Caffenation we think it is. 

In the coffee world we all agree that the most important person in the whole chain is not the coffee trader, roaster or barista, but the coffee farmer! They put in the hardest labour and expertise, while they are most often left behind with the lowest income. 

Saying you pay a lot or the fair trade price for your coffee is not enough; you have to be transparent and challenge the competition to do the same thing. This way it is no longer the loudest screamer who gets the attention but the fairest person in the room. 

Of course, as a coffee roaster, you can’t do all this by yourself. Partnering for the import of these two coffees, we worked together with Nordic Approach and Falcon Coffees. Not only do they have very fanatic and gifted green coffee buyers, who help the farmers improve with quality and sustainability, they also pay the right price for it and communicate openly regarding farmer and export - called FOB (free on board) - prices. 

The data for the two coffees in the bag:

Ethiopia Chelbessa Danche #4 Gr1 Organic:

Nordic Approach paid the farmers 24 Ethiopian Birr for every kilo of cherry. In most cases the farmers are paid for the cherries they deliver at the station. 

The FOB price, which is simply explained “the price that’s paid to have the goods on the boat”, was $7,27/Kg. 

And the Colombia Cafe Del Micay:

Falcon didn’t give farmer gate prices, but left us their FOB (free on board) price which was $5,6/Kg. A serious price which allows their local exporter, Siruma, to pay their farmers collective a price way above the fair trade model.