Mister LGB #NINETEEN (new year starting 10 Jan)

Mister LGB #NINETEEN (new year starting 10 Jan)

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Mister LGB #nineteen consists off:

50% Rwanda Ngororero MATYAZO

25% Ethiopia Limu GERA FARM

25% Peru Amazonas HERRERA CULQUI

Rob Says: For the new year we go back to a 3-bean blend.

Dominating is the African part, balanced up with new crop Peru.

The MATYAZO was one of last year’s favorite coffees. Due to a high market demand and a low offer we were not able able buying enough of it for blending, but this year we took revanche and immediately bought the full lot.

The coffee is very fruity, has a great mouthfeel and nice floral touches. It is the main carrier of this blend.

The GERA FARM was already in our Halloween LGB and still as crisp and clean like when coming of the fields half a year ago. The Limu region in Ethiopian had it’s best crop ever and this you can taste in the Gera. Lots of tea -like elements here and easy to blend. The acidity in this coffee is perfect for all milk or plant-based drinks.

The HERRERA CULQUI comes from the El Palto region which is a new region for Caffenation. Every year we buy a lot of Cajamarca coffees, but they always land around January/February…. This regional organic lot is very mellow and sweet and should be the ideal contra weight for all that African power.

The aim with our Mister LGB is to blend the coffees in a way to reach a perfectly balanced sweet/acidic taste. On top: the blending of three coffees gives us a bit more more power.

We prefer to keep the espresso shots small for a good marriage with the fresh full milk or plant-based alternatives.

You prefer your coffee black? No worries; the LGB #nineteen does it all. Also filter coffee yes.