Mister LGB MIDSUMMER Milk Coffee Blend - Weekly fresh roast

Mister LGB MIDSUMMER Milk Coffee Blend - Weekly fresh roast

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Let’s go full-frontal fruity with a blend of two African pearls for our new LGB edition! The launch of this milk-based coffee blend was long overdue thanks to the Coronavirus tampering with our planning, but we are here finally. 

The MATYAZO is an all-time Caffenation classic and is as close as they come to perfection when talking coffee. It packs all the essential flavor components in one bean, all the while tasting extremely clean. This bourbon variety is grown at a high altitude in the Ngororero region, makes for an easy blend and tastes fantastic when combined with milk or its plant-based version.

The YIRGACHEFFE has been our most important coffee during the first half of 2020. An organically grown bean from our favourite Ethiopian region; it has floral notes, fruity accents and hints of Darjeeling tea.

We firmly believe that cappuccinos, flat white’s and other ‘milk-based’ drinks taste best with clean washed coffees. Also, we're always looking for some acidity to cut through the full-fat milk or creamy oat ‘milk’. That's why we like to add some fruity and floral notes to it. All of the above makes sure that this coffee isn't only perfect to drink together with (any kind of) milk, but also exciting to be enjoyed as a pure espresso, or delicious when brewed with a drip filter, Aeropress or French press. My mouth is already watering. Is yours too?