Mister LGB PULL & HOST - Roast Date 9 August 2022

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This PULL & HOST blend
consists of:

1/3 El Salvador Ilamatepec SAN FELIPE
2/3 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe WORKA

This summer blend is called Pull& Host and a combination of a fresh Central and a classic Ethiopian coffee.

Like in every good cop movie you have two elements that work together. Such a team is often called ‘the good and the bad’. ‘The good’ here comes from the mountains around the all famous Santa Ana volcano and totally new to us: SAN FELIPE. The farm is very well known in the area and planted with different types of Bourbon. The cup tastes mainly sweet with flavors of stone fruit, light dill like herbal florals, roasted almond and chocolate undertones.

‘The bad’ is the main coffee here, comes from Yirgacheffe Ethiopia and is called WORKA. The Worka is a typical tea-like and floral tasting washed coffee and a typical bean to mix in the all famous Mister LGB. 

This coffee is the ideal base for all milk drinks, but surely drink it black as well, either filter or espresso. 

For this season's Mister LGB, we want to bring praise to the front row people behind the bar. Those who bring the magic in your cup with a smile.  

Evelien, Joris, Loran are some of the people who rock the machines at Caffenation city center and Pakt, and make sure all coffee drinks are pulled to perfection.

They also help with all other tasks in our bars like hosting the reception, coffee chat, doing the dishes, opening and closing.

Cheers to the head Barista’s.