Mister LGB 20Y ANNIVERSARY BLEND - First Roast Date 19 September 2023

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For our 20th Anniversary we mix three beautiful in-season washed coffees. This blend is the base for all plant of milk based drinks at Caffenation, but also fine for black espresso or filter brewing.

1/2 Uganda BULAMBULI

1/4 Honduras FINCA EL PINTO

1/4 Kenya GATINA AB

So happy we discovered this great Ugandan coffee after many years of cupping endless samples from this origin. The BULAMBULI comes not by accident from the Mount Elgon region, which is basically the other side of the mountain the all famous Kenya Kapsokisio is produced, and this you can taste. A very clean cup with good balanced flavors and a great ability to mix with milk.

FINCA EL PINTO is a beautiful story from Central America. Anyi Abigiail Gomez, owner of El Pinto, is only 19 and a very ambitious farmer focused on Specialty Coffee. Anyi has ten pickers to help her during harvest, including family members. The cherries are picked when ripe and transported by mule to the beneficio. This coffee is smooth as butter and blends perfectly with these African counter parts.

The GATINA AB is the fruity one in the mix here. Kenya is not the easiest origin to use for blend building, but one quart of Kenya can do wonders in your cup, in terms of acidity and sweetness. Enjoy.