Alpro: NOT MILK (per 8)

Alpro: NOT MILK (per 8)

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Our favourite Plant based drink. 
What’s in it?

INGREDIËNTEN: water, HAVERBASIS (water, OAT/HAVER (8,7%)), zonnebloemolie, chicoreivezel, erwteneiwit, calciumcarbonaat, zuurteregelaar (kaliumfosfaten), natuurlijke aroma's, zeezout, stabilisator (gellangom), vitaminen (B12, D2) Vrij van zuivel. Van nature lactosevrij.

Why do we like it so much?

- We think it is easier to steam. 
- With a lower oat content and more oil it has a more ‘milk like’ taste and a nice shiny finish. 
- It gives our coffee a better presence.