Fonte Green Matcha Latte (25 servings)

Fonte Green Matcha Latte (25 servings)

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Fonte green matcha latte 250g

A delicious coffee alternative in powder form that makes a great latte, from Fonte in a 250g pack. The drink contains matcha powder and is suitable for vegans. Suitable for your restaurant, bistro, shop or café.

Matcha can help you detoxify your body, burn fat or boost your immune system. Matcha supports energy and concentration in the long term without side effects such as nervousness. This drink can become your very healthy alternative to your morning coffee. This pack contains approximately 25 drinks. At Fonte, they prepare all blends by hand and use only natural ingredients, guaranteeing premium quality combined with a genuine and delicious taste.

Ingredients: coconut blossom sugar, matcha powder