Kenya Muranga GATUGUA PEABERRY - FILTER - Roast Date 21 May 2024

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(and it is a Muranga, not Embu, sorry)


Processing: Fully washed

Importer: Sucafina Specialty

  • Bold and smooth
  • Very fruity character

Screen size: Peaberry

Processing: Washed

Washing station: different stations in Nyeri, Muranga and Kirinyaga

Exporter: Kenyacof

Importer: Sucafina Specialty

Rob Says: Yes their name alone is eye-catching and for sure these round shaped peaberry coffee beans are intriguing.

Inside a regular coffee cherry with no defects, you’re expected to find two seeds, with their flat fronts facing inwards, and their round backs facing outwards. Inside of 5 to 10% of the cherries, mainly in those at the end of the branch where there is less nutrition, grows only one bean.

Peaberries are usually sorted and separated during the post-harvest process. They’ll either be separated by size using a sieve or, alternatively, sophisticated machinery which quickly sorts by weight and size. 

It’s commonly said that peaberries can offer bright acidity, sweetness, with more complex flavours and many roasters report higher levels of density. At Caffenation we adore peaberries and also praise them for their superior shelf life, either green or roasted.