Ethiopia Jimma NANO CHALLA - FILTER - Roast Date 29 June 2020

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  • Complex flavors
  • Orange (citrus) and peach
  • Notes of Umami & sesame

Processing: Washed

Grading: Grade 1

Altitude: 1930 masl

Region: Agaro – Jimma

Importers: Nordic Approach

Rob Says: A classic that makes a come back at Caffenation. And for good reasons!

From all the origins we put the most effort in our Ethiopian coffee line up and cup hundreds of samples every year. For the new 2020 crop we thought this particular Nano Challa lot was the best coffee we had so far.

Grown in one of the last remaining rainforests in the country, the Belete-Gera forest, Nano Challa is culled from several hundred indigenous varieties of wild coffee trees. The forest, which is traversed by wide rivers and steep slopes, gives rise to microclimates and diverse flora and fauna that contribute to Nano Challa’s unique taste.