Drink Me Chai TURMERIC Latte 500gr - SALES

Drink Me Chai TURMERIC Latte 500gr - SALES

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Key product features

  • Drink Me Chai Turmeric Latte
  • 500g Re-sealable pouch
  • 125 servings per pouch
  • Dairy & gluten free
  • No added sugar
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Product information - Drink Me Chai Turmeric Latte

A powdered turmeric spiced coconut drink from Drink Me Chai. Turmeric is recognised for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Our instant, golden blend of natural ingredients is designed to release the full healing potential of curcumin in an uplifting latte.

The Drink Me Chai Turmeric Latte contains no added sugar. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is dairy and gluten free. Each 4g serving contains approx 2g turmeric.


Drink Me Chai Turmeric Latte Ingredients:

Turmeric (50%), Coconut Powder (45%), Cinnamon, Ground Black Pepper.


Common Questions

Q. Do I make a drink with the Turmeric Latte blend?
A. To make a turmeric latte, simply add 1 teaspoon of powder with a little hot water in a cup. Pour in 200ml of steamed milk and stir well.

Q. I am vegetarian, can I drink this?
A. Yes the product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is approved by the Vegetarian Society. It is suitable for use with almond, coconut or soy. To sweeten, add honey, maple or other natural sweetener.