Roast ED 2022 - Roasted weekly

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A blend with a whole lot of character!

The iconic yellow bags of our Roast ED are known as our most popular espresso blend for multiple reasons. First of all, mixing washed and unwashed coffee beans together makes for a powerful flavour with a whole lot of punch and nice balance. Secondly, because it's blended carefully, it makes for some fine coffee even when the brewing conditions aren't optimal. Last but not least is this blend unique value for money in Specialty coffee country. 

All of the above ensures that Roast ED is compatible with every single type of machine (both filter and espresso). A winner, every single sip.

Our normal base for blending:

30% Ethiopia Limu gr2

30% Guatemala Huehuetenango

30% Brazil Cascavel Vermelha

10% Specialty single origin coffee 

Available in both 250 gr or 1 kg bags.