Colombia SEBASTIAN GOMEZ - ESPRESSO - Roast Date 8 April 2024

Colombia SEBASTIAN GOMEZ - ESPRESSO - Roast Date 8 April 2024

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  • Marsipan bisquits
  • Floral and tea like
  • Dried mango and apple cider notes

Estate: Finca Divisa

Region: Armenia, Quindio

Variety: Castillo

Lot: Microlot #184

Altitude: 1800m

Importer: Cofinet

Rob says: A new producer from a new importer. Very proud we were able to lay our hands on this great coffee from the legendary Senior Gomez.

Sebastian Gomez comes from a traditional coffee family. He and his father own La Divisa Farm in Quindio. Sebastian’s father has been working in coffee for over 30 years, however, Sebastian’s understanding and appreciation of the specialty coffee movement in other countries inspired him to focus less on quantity and more on quality specialty coffee. They planted varieties such as Geisha and Pink Bourbon. Although this lot is Castillo, it’s very comparable in flavors and cleanliness, but with a ‘human’ price tag.

A small word on the (washed) processing: cherries are hand-sorted and fermented under water for 30 hours. Parchment is gently washed off and dried in a controlled environment.