Coffee Capsules Discovery Pack (6 x 10 caps)

Coffee Capsules Discovery Pack (6 x 10 caps)

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We believe Nespresso
®* compatible capsules are the most convenient way to drink quality espresso at home.
That’s why Caffenation developed these 
Specialty Coffee Capsules.

We collect our six different flavors in one nicely decorated box:

Enough for 60 cups of Specialty Caffenation Coffee!

Roast ED: This version is the Roast ED variant with 1/3 Burundi TURACO, 1/3 Brazil CASCAVEL VERMELHA Natural, 1/3 Guatemala HUEHUETENANGO

Our most popular espresso, created from our finest origin coffees. We select it. We roast it. We blend it with utmost care. 

You enjoy it any way you like. 

Mister L.G.B.: The 23 summer edition is 3/4 Rwanda MACUBA and 1/4 Nicaragua EL POSTE

Caps. SAUL: This version is the Caps. SAUL, with one very special Ethiopian coffee: Yirgacheffe RARO

Fruity, floral and just a bit ... mucho! Capsules filled with our finest single origin Ethiopian coffees. Expect some vibrant acidity up front followed by ripe fruit, floral notes and a long, spicy finish. 

Best as a small espresso.

Brazil IAN:  The capsules are filled with our single origin CASCAVEL VERMELHA Natural.

Full Bodied and fruity, with notes of chocolate; a samba party for your taste buds. Brazil IAN is just the thing to start up your morning swing.

Kenya KEN: The capsules are filled with our single origin KABINGARA C.
Forget the sugar! If you love tropical, fruity coffee brightened by an extra touch of acidity, you'll love this sweet, light-roasted Kenyan. 

Sweet JOSÉ: This is a very elegant all-round coffee, but most remarkable is the fact that we can finally please the caffein-free lovers with this Sugar Cane decaf out of Huila Colombia. 

The name ‘Sugar Cane’ refers to the fact that these beans were custom decaffeinated in a natural process in which a solvent of ethyl acetate is utilized, a substance derived from fermented sugar.

When you think of Colombia, you think of … excitement. And this time it’s all in the taste, 100% smooth decaffeinated, big on body and long on aftertaste. You’ll be hooked after the first cup.


Caffenation cares. We only use fully compostable, GMO-free plant-based plastic capsules. Better for you. Better for the environment. For more info see