Coffee Capsules Brazil IAN (per box of 12 X 10)

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We filled these capsules with the wonderful coffee of the DIAMOND NY2 scr 17/18

It sounds like the transition from the former crop of Cascavel Vermelha to the new crop is causing a gap in availability. However, the introduction of our new coffee from Minas Gerais called DIAMOND seems like a great way to fill that gap.

Describing Diamond is a natural with a big body and a velvety mouthfeel. It's going to be hard to find a more 'classic' espresso taste than this one.

We hope this new lot could be an exciting addition for coffee enthusiasts seeking a comparable taste profile while waiting for the arrival of the new crop of Cascavel Vermelha.

Full Bodied and fruity, with notes of chocolate; a samba party for your taste buds.

Brazil IAN is just the thing to start up your morning swing. 

Caffenation Nespresso Compatible Plant Based Compostable Coffee Capsules. 

Capsules packed with flavor and fully eco and environment friendly.

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Shop Sales Price: €4,8/box

One wholesale box fit 12x10 capsules.