Coffee Capsules New Crop Brazil IAN (per box of 12 X 10)

Coffee Capsules New Crop Brazil IAN (per box of 12 X 10)

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We filled these capsules with the wonderful coffee of



  • Strawberry notes
  • Mild herbals and rose flower leafs
  • Well balanced cup

Region: Minas Gerais

Variety: Paraiso & Bourbon

Processing: Natural 

Packed: Penta vac pack boxes

Certification: Rainforest Alliance

Importer: Cuprima

Rob says: With this Daterra coffee it feels like we are going back in time. At one point this renowned company brought the new gold to the market, and World Barista Championships were won with their coffees. Over the years Daterra practices lost a bit of its shine with too many new initiatives in Brazil, South America and other regions. 

But with this great 2023 Brazilian crop, stocked at Seabridge warehouse, and Cuprima importers more active than ever, we thought it to be time to check out where Daterra stands now, in terms of service and quality. 

We cupped seven Daterra lots, all different in variety or processing.  This Summer Solstice lot came out in the lead, with fruity notes and a balanced profile. We see this coffee as a prime espresso selection but certainly tasty on filter as well, which is rarely seen in Brazilian beans. Thumbs up and a big thank you to both Daterra and Efico, Cuprima’s mother company, for their long lasting partnership, professional approach and thus fantastic coffee. 

Full Bodied and fruity, with notes of chocolate; a samba party for your taste buds.

Brazil IAN is just the thing to start up your morning swing. 

Caffenation Nespresso Compatible Plant Based Compostable Coffee Capsules. 

Capsules packed with flavor and fully eco and environment friendly.

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One wholesale box fit 12x10 capsules.