Brazil IAN: CASCAVEL VERMELHA Natural - ESPRESSO - Roasted weekly

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  • Nice mouthfeel and body
  • Well balanced cup with fruity notes
  • Chocolate after taste

Region: Sul de Minas

Variety: Bourbon varieties

Processing: Natural/unwashed

Altitude: 1100 masl

Exporter: Cascavel

Importer: Sucafina Specialty

Rob says : Brazilian coffee has its unique attributes and challenges. The lower altitude conditions can sometimes lead to less accentuated fruity flavors compared to coffees grown at higher altitudes in other regions. Additionally, issues such as unripe cherries (quakers), improper processing, and earthy notes can impact the taste profile of Brazilian beans.

However, the discovery of the CASCAVEL VERMELHA coffee two years ago has been a positive find. It seems to have addressed these challenges by providing stability, full flavor, and good value for money, making it a standout option among Brazilian coffees.

This coffee can be bought as a stand-alone coffee, called IAN, or component in our Roast ED espresso blend.