Coffee CAPSULES Discovery Pack (6 x 10 caps)

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We believe Nespresso
®* compatible capsules are the most convenient way to drink quality espresso at home.
That’s why Caffenation developed these 
Specialty Coffee Capsules.

We collect our six different flavors in one nicely decorated box:

Enough for 60 cups of Specialty Caffenation Coffee!

Roast ED: This version is the Roast ED variant with 1/3 Burundi TURACO, 1/3 Brazil CASCAVEL VERMELHA Natural, 1/3 Guatemala HUEHUETENANGO

Mister L.G.B.: The 24 edition is 1/2 Ethiopia ADADO & 1/2 Peru RUTAS DEL SOL

Miss XX: The current coffee for these pink capsules is the IDIDO MISTY VALLEY from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Brazil IAN:  The capsules are filled with our CASCAVEL VERMELHO Natural

Super NOVA: The capsules contain the very elegant FINCA CEDROS DE PALMIRA out of Huehuetenango in Guatemala. 

Sweet JOSÉ: These capsules are filled with our Sugar Cane Processed TUMBAGA, caffein free coffee from Colombia


Caffenation cares. We only use fully compostable, GMO-free plant-based plastic capsules. Better for you. Better for the environment. For more info see