Rwanda Nyamasheke MACUBA - FILTER - Roast Date 5 June 2023

Rwanda Nyamasheke MACUBA - FILTER - Roast Date 5 June 2023

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  • Canned apricots
  • Bunterburg ginger beer
  • Very elegant (after taste)

Processing: Fully washed

Variety: Bourbon, Jackson

Altitude: around 1950 masl

Screen size: 15+

Exporter: Rwacof

Importer: Sucafina specialty

Rob says: MACUBA is the name of the washing station were they collected and processed these beans. They have the reputation of being exceptionally experienced and precise.

A short view on their routine: Cherry is selectively handpicked by farmers and delivered to Macuba washing station. At intake, the station floats all cherry to remove any that are low-density. Then, the high-density cherry is hand sorted to remove any visible defects. 

After intake, cherry is pulped on a disc pulper before being placed in fermentation tanks to dry ferment for 20 to 24 hours. 

Following fermentation, wet parchment is washed in clean water and placed in thin layers on tables to sundry. On average, it takes 22 days for parchment to dry.