Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GEDEB - FILTER - Roast Date 25 September 2023

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GEDEB - FILTER - Roast Date 25 September 2023

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  • Mango sweetness and a floral aftertaste
  • Balanced and clean
  • Apricot and mandarine notes

Region: Gedeb

Processing: Fully washed

Grading: Grade 1

Variety: JARC varieties , Local landraces

Altitude: around 2000 masl

Importer: Sucafina Specialty

Rob says: Coffees from the GEDEB region are returning favourites at Caffenation.

The Gedeb region in Yirgacheffe is known for producing unique and flavorful coffees. Factors such as altitude, climate, soil composition, and the meticulous processing techniques employed by the producers can all contribute to the distinctive flavors that come through in the cup.

Before we buy a coffee it first needs to pass at our cupping table. Coffee cupping is a rigorous evaluation process where experts assess various attributes of the coffee, such as aroma, flavor, acidity, body, and overall balance. Earning a score of 88+ points indicates that this lot has exceptional characteristics and is likely to be well-received by most coffee lovers.