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75% Ethiopia Sidamo GUJI

25% Guatemala Huehuetenango RED DE MUJERES

Autumn times so here comes the first of our Ethiopian Specialty coffees in the main blend.

For this Mister LGB we have the GUJI as our main component. The coffee is full bodied, with enough acidity and herbs to take most of the weight on its shoulders.

For mixing with this Guji we found a very spectacular coffee in Huehuetenango, called RED DE MUJERES. A coffee produced by women only and thanks to ‘tree ripening’ extra sweet and with a ‘natural’ touch.

The whole idea of our Mister LGB blend is to have a good stable base to pair with milk. These coffees are very good coffees, but not-overpriced. Also thanks to our high-volume buying we can offer them for economic prices. This helps you keeping the bills in the espresso bar, or household, at a human level.

The blend stays on our menu for a couple of months so once you found yourself a great recipe, you can stick to it for a long while.

In general we tend to keep our espresso shots relatively restricted (40 grams for a double), so it blends great in the milk. Extraction times around 30”. Machine temperature between 90,5 and 93, depending on the type of machine and your personal taste.

Good luck with the brewing, and remember: Scaring is caring.