Colombia Huila MARIA DAMARIS MEDINA 24 crop - ESPRESSO - Roast Date 3 June 2024

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    • Floral, stone fruit and peach notes
    • Soft mouthfeel
    • Nice spicy aftertaste of pepper and celery

    Location: El Pital Huila

    Finca: Santa Elena

    Processing: Washed

    Variety: Bourbon & Castillo

    FOB: USD 7,32/kg

    Importers: Nordic Approach

    Rob Says: The quality of Colombian coffees has been on the rise in recent years, making it a favorite among many young baristas and roasters. At Caffenation, we’ve witnessed this trend, leading us to secure the entire Santa Elena harvest for the second harvest running. By increasing our volume and buying power, we’re able to support local farmers like Maria while satisfying the growing demand for premium Colombian coffee.

    MARIA DAMARIS MEDINA and her husband Wilson began long ago working with 6 hectares of farmland that they have slowly built over time. The couple both come from coffee growing families and learned the craft of cultivating coffee at their parents’ sides.