Mister LGB FLOWER POWER - Roasted weekly

Mister LGB FLOWER POWER - Roasted weekly

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50% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GEDEB KELLOO

The trick behind this blend was to get two very blendable coffees in one bag, marrying like a horse and carriage, with omni present floral tastes and a great mouthfeel. Fantastic both black or with milk, espresso or filter.  

Guatemala Huehuetenango is not only the coolest sounding coffee region name, it also delivers coffees that are very suitable for blending. This MAM lot is since years one of the cornerstones of our Roast ED blend, so normally we would never pick it for the LGB as well, but this year's version is the best we ever bought, so a temporary promotion to the green bags this season was very well deserved. 

The Ethiopia GEDEB KELLOO is the beauty in this blend and the main reason why it’s called FLOWER POWER. The most present taste notes in this washed coffee from Yirgacheffe is its omni-present floral qualities. Yirgacheffe coffees do blend wonderfully and together with the smooth MAM it makes this blend a floral/flower bomb and the perfect base for all your ‘milk-based’ or ‘plant-based’ drinks. 

It was a risky stretch to blend two coffees of which one is double in price of the other, but one way or another we pulled this one off just fine.