Roast ED New 2023 Crop - Roasted weekly

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A blend with a whole lot of character!

Our Roast ED, the iconic yellow bag, is our most popular espresso blend with a mix of washed and unwashed coffee beans. Mixing these two types of beans together means incredible flavor, a lot of punch and a nice balance. On top of that, these carefully blended beans ensure some fine coffee even if the brewing conditions aren’t optimal. 

For a long time, 12,5 years to be exact, our yellow bag held an Ethiopian component. But this year brings a new wind, a new cornerstone for our blend, straight from Burundi. 

Even with this little change-up, this blend is still unique value for money and compatible with every single type of machine, both filter and espresso. It’s a winner, with every single sip.

Our normal base for blending:

30% Burundi Kayanza TURACO


30% Brazil CASCAVEL Vermelha Natural

10% Specialty single origin coffee 

Available in both 250 gr or 1 kg bags.