SPS: ANAEROBIC - Brazil FAZENDA TAQUARAL - FILTER - Roast Date 22 February 2021

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  • Sweet and juicy
  • Very potent and distinct characteristics
  • Fermenty elements
  • Impossible to just walk by

In our Special Processing Series we are on the lookout for coffee processing techniques which are a bit different from the more traditional methods, resulting in surprising smell and taste experiences. 

ROB SAYS: ‘ANAEROBIC’ is a term farmers used to describe a sealed environment. Typically the coffee is pulped as usual and then the parchment with mucilage is placed in an airtight tank, often stainless steel, with a valve to allow for off-gassing. This style of fermentation may extend the traditional timeframe of 12-36 hours or even days in some cases. The types of microbes able to survive and actively participate in fermentation is limited by the lack of oxygen in the air, and is thought to substantially alter the end flavor profile.

This experimental process yields new and complex flavours through innovation, while also giving the producer great control over the sugars, temperature, pressure, pH and length of the ferment.

So don’t expect your average cup of (natural processed) coffee. Be ready for the extra funky twist and enjoy, every sip at a time.  

Producer: Luiz Framarion Pereira Figueiredo

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Natural

Soil type: Red Latosol

Certification: UTZ

Importer: Eighty Eight Graines

ON THE FARM: This is our first collaboration with Piotr, from Eighty Eight Graines, who worked for us as a barista and coffee roaster in 2017.

I have been up and down with our believes in Brazilian coffee the last couple of years. It is a bit boring compared to the multi fruit layered African coffees we buy, but we also believe it is very often very good value for money and great stuff for those who despice acidity (in coffee).

The investments Brazilians made in better processing is been finally putting some great results on the table and we are proud to bring this coffee from this great farmer, who surely knows what he’s doing.