Mister LGB TRICK OR TREAT Milk Coffee Blend - Roasted Weekly

Mister LGB TRICK OR TREAT Milk Coffee Blend - Roasted Weekly

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Mister LGB Trick Or Treat



Like always do we prefer to blend two clean washed coffees for the LGB blend, although the RED DE MUJERES is not your average washed coffee as it was tree ripened, which gives it a little ‘natural’ by flavor. It also enhances the body and sweetness of the cup. 

It is the 3rd year in a row we have the crowd pleasing RDM in our ‘Halloween’ blend. 

The most important coffee in the mix is not this one, but a great clean washed organic coffee from the holy region of Jimma Limu, produced by IBRAHIM HUSSEIN. 

The beans from his farms are fully organic and harvested with a 100% chemical free process. The natural plantation is covered with shady trees and the red cherries only picked when fully ripe by farmers who have specialized in coffee for generations.  

The main goal of this Mister L.G.B. blend is to provide a stable espresso base for all your milk drinks like cappuccino, flat white or latte, but do taste fantastic for straight up black espresso or filter. Enjoy!