Mister LGB ADDIS BOGOTA - Roast Date 28 Nov & 6 December 2023

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It sounds like your light roasted Autumn Blend, with two washed coffees from regions near the equator, is carefully crafted with a focus on fruitiness. And the right coffee for clean espresso shots to pair with nicely textured (plant based) milk.

1/2 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ADADO


Rob says: For long ADADO was my favorite micro region within Yirgacheffe and known for classic coffees as Ch’elelek’tu, Konga and Kochere. It’s also the name of the cooperative producing these beans. The coffee is particularly interesting for its florals and lemony touch.

MARIA DAMARIS MEDINA and her husband Wilson began long ago working with 6 hectares of farmland that they have slowly built over time. The couple both come from coffee growing families and learned the craft of cultivating coffee at their parents’ sides. This coffee is very refined and has a lot of fruity elements, pairing well with its Ethiopian counterpart.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ADADO - ICO: 10/1608/0027

Colombia Huila MARIA DAMARIS MEDINA - ICO: 3/0528/00112