Mister LGB CUP & ROAST - Roast Date 27 June 2022

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This CUP & ROAST blend consists of equal parts:

Honduras Masaguara CERVANDO RAMIREZ


Ethiopia Jimma GENJI CHALLA

This spring blend is a combination of last year and new year, Central and Africa, smokey and fruity. 

The first coffee we blend in is from last year’s Honduras harvest and tastes really smokey. 

The CERVANDO RAMIREZ is our 3rd buy that was produced by the Intibuca Collective and has very nice cookie dough, Nutella and tobacco flavors and a touch of acidity that was liked a lot when we used the coffee before as our single origin espresso of the week. 

The latter one is new crop Ethiopia and a fruit bomb. The GENJI CHALLA (lot #3) is a typical clean cup washed Ethiopia; our favourite type of coffee to mix in the all famous Mister LGB. 

This coffee is the ideal base for all milk drinks, but surely drink it black as well, either filter or espresso.