Mister LGB AMERICA DEL SUR BLEND - Roasted Weekly

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⅓ Peru Cajamarca LA COIPA 

⅔ Colombia Narino ABADES

Rob says: Another year, another story. 

We have the habit to start every new year with a good solid Ethiopian coffee as the base for our most popular coffee blend. But as we had to listen to nature, we noticed this wasn’t an option this year. Also other African origin coffees showed too many irregularities, so we decided to go for the freshest of crops and those were found, as usual around this period, in the South of America, more specifically Peru and Colombia. 

Peru is a solid Caffenation go-to origin since many years, and for good reason! Lots of clean cup coffees, very stable flavors, easy to roast and very blendable with other coffees. 

This LA COIPA, out of Cajamarca, is the best you can get if you are looking for a good coffee to go with milk. And the Mister LGB is primarily a milk coffee blend, so…. 

Two thirds of the blend is Colombian though. The very sweet and elegant ABADES is a real people pleaser and matches well with the brighter La Coipa. This lot is sourced in the highlands of Narino, one of the best, if not THE best place for specialty coffee on planet earth. 

Don’t hesitate to drink this coffee as a black espresso or use it for filter, and let me know your thoughts.