Roast ED 2024 Bis Blend - Roasted weekly

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A blend with a whole lot of character!

It’s fascinating how your Roast ED espresso blend has evolved over time, incorporating different beans to enhance its flavor profile and characteristics. Blending washed and unwashed coffee beans creates a unique combination, providing a strong flavor punch and a well-balanced taste. This blend’s resilience, allowing for great taste even under less-than-optimal brewing conditions, adds to its appeal.

While the two previous ED blends were including a Rwanda or Burundi component, the 2024 BIS blend features Ethiopia again. This years harvest is irresistible and that’s why we go back to the original cornerstone of the Roast ED blend. Thanks to our seasonal approach and continuous search, your yellow bag espresso blend maintains its reputation for being a fantastic value for money.

It suits all machine types, consistently delivering a winning experience cup after cup.

Our normal base for blending:



30% Brazil CASCAVEL VERMELHA Natural

10% Specialty Single Origin coffee 

Available in both 250 gr or 1 kg bags.