Colombia Huila RICARDO SILVA Pink Bourbon - ESPRESSO - Roast Date 16 March 2023

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  • Refind and balanced cup
  • Tropical and stone fruit notes
  • Sugus candy sweetness

Producer: Ricardo Silva

Special variety

Altitude: 1900 masl

Export price: USD 13,2/kg

Importer: Osito 

After years of searching, we finally got to lay
our hands on a – reasonably priced – Pink

Bourbon lot. We got to collaborate with Os-
ito and thus had the luck to reap the fruits of

their hard work in the region. Think top class
coffee without the need of breaking the bank.
The Pink Bourbon is not a very new variety, but it’s only within
the last five years that people have been planting it on a larger
scale. This year it’s the first year that the volumes are at this
level. Pink Bourbon gets its name from the ripe berries being
pink instead of red. In Colombia this variety is produced by

cross-breeding yellow and red Bourbon, with a greater resist-
ance to leaf rust than both the yellow and red variety.

Pink Bourbon has spicy jasmine notes and a hint of caramel.